Essay On Dedication And Devotion

There are many formulas for success.  Starting with and idea and building on it to the point that you are attaining your goal of the physique that you created is no easy task.  During the journey you will have obstacles and these must be overcome.  Otherwise success is delayed and failure is a possibility. Along the way of the Body Transformation Success Formula there will be hidden tools that will help you complete yourself. 

When you do start and participate in your own personal process these hidden tools will become more obvious.  If you are someone that has already started a diet and exercise program and saw some positive results from it, hopefully you will recognize them.  If you didn’t experience them this could be a major culprit of why the previous program didn’t work for you.  

Determination, Dedication, and Discipline are the three D’s in Success Programming.  These programming tools evolve from the conditioning from the last stages of the success formula.  Some people have and discover them from something else they did; others find them easy and use them to their advantage, some never observe their value, ignore them and ultimately fail at what they are trying to achieve. These tools are extremely powerful and developing them will have major impact on your success.  If there is one thing that anyone who has ever participated in a lifestyle that incorporates exercise, diet and supplements for the long period of time is they all use the mental sharpness and focus from these three tools.  Everything in your life becomes easy when you develop these tools so use them on a regular basis.

During the ACTION phase of the Success Formula you will go through the EVALUATION and ADJUSTMENT phases and something should happen right from the start.  When you start eating differently and start exercising you will find that you do have a little Determination to accomplish the goal of changing yourself.  As you get through two to three weeks of your program you should definitely see some positive results.  Whether it’s feeling more energy, lost weight, or an increase in your output, it should make you feel a little stronger mentally.  Now, take that feeling and give your Determination a big booster shot.  It should happen automatically, but sometimes when you are doing well you will overlook where you are going by looking back and enjoying it too much.  Take that feeling and say to yourself "Look at what I just did, I know I can do more now".

Now it should be noted that you should reward yourself when you make progress, but let’s use that intensity of that positive energy you created and put it back into your self. Invest it back into your Success formula.  As you continue do this again and again, you will create so much Determination that over a period of time it forges another powerful mental tool, Dedication.  This is the second tool of Success Programming you will discover and build from the Success Formula.   At some point in time on their program, everyone is different; a strong work ethic will evolve from the constant channeling of Determination back into the Formula.

Dedication has many meanings.  What you have created is the devotion of oneself to some special work, action, or person.  You are devoted to doing this program for something or someone.  You have already picked out your goal and why you want it and now you are dedicated to getting it done.  Now that you have created two mental tools that assist you in your efforts to reach your goal, the final tool should appear after reinvesting determination and dedication into your success formula. Your Determination and Dedication tools will help you create the most powerful mental tool that exists, and it’s called Discipline.

Discipline some times gets a bad rap for being a negative thing.  We are going to use it in a more positive way to keep you focused on being successful.  Think of it more like a conditioning effect.  The more you times you repeat the investment of using your Determination to build your Dedication, eventually you will not  have to think about the goal at the end of the Success Formula.  The powerful conditioning effect of Discipline will keep you from falling off your journey’s pathway.  Discipline will give you automatic focus, drive, and energy when times are tough and you don’t feel like making progressive steps to your goal.  You are now on autopilot or cruise control.  When your discipline is high there is no way you can fail and it is almost impossible for you not to reach your goal.

Success formulas and success programming tools are different from each other in this aspect.  The Success Formula is a step-by-step recipe, sequence, or directions to attain success.  Success Programming tools are traits that are used over and over to work on your formula.  If you were going to make a cake or fix a car there is a certain sequence of doing things to get the correct outcome right?  You would also need the right tools to get the job done efficiently and done right the first time too.  When you change the oil in your car you have to drain out the old oil before you put in the new oil, right?  You shouldn’t try to make that cake without mixing the ingredients before you put them all together in a pan in the oven, right?  You also wouldn’t try change the oil in you car or bake a cake without the necessary tools, right?  Of course not! The point is this.  Every job has a sequence or formula, and every job has the right tools to do it with ease and efficiency.

This is one tool that will cross over into every day life.  Anyone that has ever created a high level of discipline from a diet and exercise program for a long period of time knows everything else in life is easy.  To be able to act and respond to your own mental requests with zero hesitation or procrastination will make you successful and there is no doubt about it.  Discipline is a powerful tool, it can be developed, and when it is used it can overcome the highest obstacles.  The interesting thing about Discipline is the more you use it the more you master its power.  It makes everything you do a breeze.  You will no longer have to muster up a bunch of energy to go exercise or make good food choices, discipline will make it automatic.

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Positive thinking leads a man to success. One who thinks that he can achieve the things, will put his best to achieve, will not fetter by the problems in the path of success and one day he will win positively. Self confidence, determination, perseverance, and hard work are the key factors of success.

Every small or big, easy or complex problem have its solution. There is a way out of every labyrinth, there is an answer to every enigma. The only requirements are the confidence, hard work and determination and you get the answer.

Where there is a will, there is a way. If you find any problem, a typical one, don’t lose heart, go ahead and devote yourself fully, analyze each aspect, and get the problem solved. Every invention taken place so far, were riddled with many unfound answers, but the inventor’s zeal and perseverance found the solution and a new invention took place. For a confident person, the word ‘impossible’ is no where in his dictionary. A determined and dedicated person finds way in all complexities undaunted by the initial problems and failures he keeps on finding solution to every teaser and one day he achieves his cherished goal.

Dedication, devotion to the task and positive thinking with determination have been the important factors of success of every successful celebrity. Take the recent example Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the widow of Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi, participated and campaigned in the Lok Sabha election 2004, undaunted by the criticism, personal attacks and all kinds of perversities she went alone campaigning alone without having any other ‘Star’ campaigner, covered almost the whole of the country against the BJP and showed the world that congress got the majority.

She has shown her unflinching determination, unfettered self confidence, dedication and devotion to the cause without worrying for the results and she is the winner. Every Tom and dick had questioned her nationality, her foreign origin, but she cared a fig for all criticism and showed her caliber.

Life is a battle, one has to fight it fearlessly. Fight with confidence, positive attitude, right aptitude, with determined and concentrated efforts, leads to the surest path of success. Fortune is said to favor the brave. God also help those who help themselves. A coward, a pessimist dare not even to fight in the race, it is an optimist and determined soul, who dares to fight, has the chance of success.

A winner never quits and a quitter never wins shows that one who constantly tries to achieve something, one who endeavors hard incessantly to achieve something, he is the winner, later or sooner, but a quitter could never be a winner. When Vallabhbhai Patel told that’ Swaraj is my birth right’ so many people find it mere a slogan, but the incessant struggle put by all the freedom fighters supported the claim of Patel and we could win the freedom. Organizing the efforts properly, in right direction, striking at the opportune time, are essential for achieving a target. Optimism, determination, undaunted will power makes every impossible task possible.

Confidence is the most important key to success. It boosts the morale and creates determination to attain a goal. The loss of confidence makes a man pessimist, coward or a dead man. The importance of 'right deeds’ is well emphasized in Bhagwat Geeta: Lord Krishna tells Arjun to follow the path of righteousness, the path of dedication, Do Karma, don’t think about the result, the God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, the results as per your deeds will follow. It should also be remembered that the positive and constructive thoughts which aims for the betterment of mankind are met with success. It should not be riddled with self aggrandizement evil thoughts never bear good results.

Your biggest assets are your enthusiasm that enriches with your positive thinking. Never lose hope, keep cheerful put the best possible efforts with your total involvement, have confidence in you and you are the winner.

Through positive thinking one can overcome the mountains. One who always think positively even in adverse circumstances wins. Positive thinking always pays. Life belongs to the ambitions.


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